Antique and Vintage Shopping in Barcelona

The feeling of antique and vintage shopping is like no other. That rush of adrenaline and sense of restlessness as you search for that one thing the high street stores just don’t seem to be offering- and when you finally find that thing, the feeling is indescribable. Many describe Barcelona with the words hipster or […]

On Your Radar: Taiwan | STA Travel Blog

If you thought the only things to come out of Taiwan were laptops, toys and bikes bearing the words ‘Made in Taiwan’, then think again. When 16th-century Portuguese sailors first came across Taiwan’s dramatic sea cliffs and white sand Pacific beaches, they named it Ilha Formosa, or ‘Beautiful Island’. This often overlooked island has jaw-dropping […]

Professor G. Scott Hubbard on space tourism – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

In this guest post, Stanford University’s Professor G. Scott Hubbard – former Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, founding editor-in-chief of the New Space journal, and author of Exploring Mars: Chronicles from a Decade of Discovery – looks at whether the travel industry is heading for the final frontier. Having been active in the US […]

February: The Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a fairly small country but that doesn’t have any effect on the complicated monsoon mechanisms that play here. A complex situation rarely gives rise to a simpler solution, but hey, we’re in Sri Lanka. Two separate monsoon systems drain the island nation. This, in turn, gives tourists the opportunity to visit a […]

Taiwan: The Ultimate Travel Guide

An underrated destination that should be on every globetrotter’s list, Taiwan offers a diverse landscape for travelers: a kingdom with stunning national parks for outdoor adventurers, a wide range of yummy local food to feast on, a liberal and progressive Asian society – Taiwan just became the first Asian country to legalise gay marriage –  […]

Taiwan – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Louise at the Longshan Temple in Taipei © Louise Bastock Louise Bastock, Assistant Editor at Lonely Planet, recently returned from a trip to Taiwan. Tell us more… When I used to think about Taiwan, the dominant images in my mind would be of its capital city Taipei, specifically the skyscraper-studded skyline against a blue or […]

Hiking Innsbruck: The Nordkette |

The trip was called an „Adventure Trip“. But what would you call an adventure? An adventure to one, isn’t really an adventure for someone else. Was our trip an adventure? It’s up to you to decide! Our two days in Innsbruck were definitely a lot of fun! The conference came to an end and Innsbruck […]

A local’s guide to London

Another installment of our ‘Local Insider Series’ – this time bringing good ol’ London into the limelight. Emma Beynon, Marketing Manager for BUNAC is a born and bred Londoner, and wanted to give us the goss on where’s hot in town nowadays. And she doesn’t just talk about east London. I count myself very lucky […]

best blogs, Instagram shots and videos from March 2019 – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Where will our Pathfinders take you this month? © Alexander Ippolitov / Shutterstock From New York’s stunning street art scene to Siberia’s wild winter wonderlands, our Pathfinders have been jet-setting across the globe and have returned with ever more inspiring tales of their adventures. Check out March’s round-up of our favourite blogs, Instagrams and videos. […]

The Best Street Art in Barcelona

Barcelona is a hotspot for all up and coming graffiti artists, and the city is full of artistic creations born from spray paint and lain on walls. Attracting street art enthusiasts from all around the world, discover some of the best works of art below…   The Best Street Art in Barcelona Keith Haring @ […]