wandering the waterfalls of Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

The Great Smoky Mountains NP is a wonderful showcase of nature’s power © Nick Alvarez Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Nick Alvarez of Be Real Travel, recently returned from a trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park – one of our best value destinations for 2019. Armed with his camera and tripod, he embarked on a journey […]

Helpful Tips for Crossing the Road in Vietnam

For many people, crossing the road is a highlight of visiting any Vietnamese city. For others it’s a terrifying and stressful task. Either way, getting from one side of the street to another is not straightforward. The sheer volume of scooters on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is quite bewildering and […]

A Thailand Itinerary from Chumphon to Mae Hong Son

Follow in the footsteps of Libby, our lucky sweepstake winner who was able to experience an all-expenses paid trip to Thailand from a local’s perspective, while being filmed for a TV documentary. When you initially consider Thailand as a travel destination, you may think of two major stereotypes: hedonistic Full Moon Parties and touristic beaches […]

Maria and Katerina, It’s all trip to me – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Maria and Katerina exploring their home city of Athens © It’s all trip to me While the life of a full-time traveller may seem like an idyllic existence, it’s not for everyone. Ties to home – from family responsibilities to a budding career – might keep us from committing to a nomadic way of living, […]

The Best Viewpoints in Barcelona

There’s no denying that Barcelona is particularly aesthetically pleasing. Just wandering through the gothic neighbourhoods and the beach side streets leaves both locals and tourists utterly speechless. With the arrival of summer comes the influx of visitors from all over the world, meaning that the roads and pavements will get increasingly busier as the sun […]

6 LGBTQ+ Friendly Places to Travel

Sometimes you can feel as if the world can’t be the easiest place to travel if you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, and while this can be true for certain corners of the world, it is surely not true for the whole of this planet. Let me take you on a tour of  some of […]

are the stars our destination? – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Wonderings: rambles through and reflections on travel… this month, James Kay considers tourism’s final frontier: space © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet Aside from a few forays to France, the furthest my maternal grandparents travelled was Pembrokeshire, Wales (repeat visits to a wind-buffeted static caravan in Croes-goch, if you must know). Just a generation later, […]

Antique and Vintage Shopping in Barcelona

The feeling of antique and vintage shopping is like no other. That rush of adrenaline and sense of restlessness as you search for that one thing the high street stores just don’t seem to be offering- and when you finally find that thing, the feeling is indescribable. Many describe Barcelona with the words hipster or […]

On Your Radar: Taiwan | STA Travel Blog

If you thought the only things to come out of Taiwan were laptops, toys and bikes bearing the words ‘Made in Taiwan’, then think again. When 16th-century Portuguese sailors first came across Taiwan’s dramatic sea cliffs and white sand Pacific beaches, they named it Ilha Formosa, or ‘Beautiful Island’. This often overlooked island has jaw-dropping […]

Professor G. Scott Hubbard on space tourism – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

In this guest post, Stanford University’s Professor G. Scott Hubbard – former Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, founding editor-in-chief of the New Space journal, and author of Exploring Mars: Chronicles from a Decade of Discovery – looks at whether the travel industry is heading for the final frontier. Having been active in the US […]